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From 52€/Pax

Glorious History

Lisbon is the City of the 7 Hills. And its charm comes from that!

From 52€/Pax

Urban glamour

In this tour you will learn all about the events of history from the XI century to the present day.

From 40€/Pax

The City Beauty

Lisbon is the city of seven hills! That’s why it has so many sights and lifts so people can appreciate the view.

From 40€/Pax

Diversity City

On this tour we will see a part of the renewed Lisbon in the last 20 years (since the 1998 World Exhibition) with several impressive engineering works and cultural exception spaces.

From 52€/Pax

The Special City

this Tour will be able to observe this communion starting with the modern and imposing works of the Park of Nations until the Pombal period, their stories and 'jewels'.

From 43€/Pax

Charm and Beauty

In Sintra you’ll be able to see historical monuments that fit perfectly with the Nature which is full of small charms.

From 54€/Pax

Scenic Travel

Sintra and Cascais are towns know by being famous around the Kings and Queens of Portugal.

From 93€ /Pax

Timeless Destination

The history of Portugal and one of the most tragic romantic stories of the history of Portugal.

From 75€/Pax

Pilgrims and Tourism

Fatima is known worldwide for the apparitions of Virgin Mary. Because of that, a Sanctuary was built in the same place she appeared. This place maintains to this day an amazing mystical easily detectable for any visitor (Christian or non-Christian).

From 108€/Pax

North Capital

On this tour we will start the day visiting to the cellars of Douro and finish with a visit to the bookstore whose staircase inspired the stairs of the Castle of Hogwarts (Harry Potter).

From 77/Pax

Historical Heritage

The Story of Évora has more than two thousand years. Its well-preserved historic center is one of the most important of Portugal.

From 65€/Pax

Fishing Village

Tile and wine are references of Portuguese culture. On this tour you will see the importance of these items in the history of Portugal. We will visit the largest collection of Portuguese tiles and taste some of the best Portuguese wines.

From 59€/Pax

History and Nature

The West area of Lisbon has also a lot of history and nature to charm you. In this tour, we will be seeing some of the best museums in the city and the connection between Portugal and the Sea.